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10:52 PM Freeciv Bug #762 (Closed): alien units.ruleset "spesific"
Marko Lindqvist


02:29 PM Freeciv Bug #762 (In Review): alien units.ruleset "spesific"
Marko Lindqvist
02:27 PM Freeciv Bug #762 (Closed): alien units.ruleset "spesific"
alien units.ruleset comment has a typo "spesific" instead of "specific" Marko Lindqvist
02:29 AM Freeciv Feature #761 (New): Lua-5.4.7 patch 1 has first official bugfix patch for 5.4.7. Apply it to our included copy. Marko Lindqvist


08:23 AM Freeciv Feature #756 (Closed): genhash.c: NULL -> nullptr
Marko Lindqvist
08:21 AM Freeciv Bug #760 (New): speclist.h inline functions not marked for doxyxen
speclist.h inline functions lack "**//**" for doxygen markup. Marko Lindqvist
08:19 AM Freeciv Feature #759 (In Review): speclist.h: NULL -> nullptr
Marko Lindqvist
08:18 AM Freeciv Feature #759 (In Review): speclist.h: NULL -> nullptr
Replace NULLs with nullptrs in speclist.h Marko Lindqvist
01:30 AM Freeciv Feature #632 (Closed): alien: Replace "UnitFlag" with "UnitTypeFlag"
Marko Lindqvist
01:28 AM Freeciv Feature #633 (In Review): webperimental: Replace "UnitFlag" with "UnitTypeFlag"
Marko Lindqvist

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